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Repair Services

We help companies improve the useful lifespan of their office furniture inventory

We tend to work with dealers who sell well-built commerical furniture, but with daily use over the course of years, even the best made furniture needs upkeep. Drawers start to stick, dents and scratches show up, upholstery gets worn and surfaces get stained. Think of it as a well-earned badge of productivity.

Although we're NOT a full-scale commercial cleaning company, SingleSource does have a dedicated team tasked with keeping our clients' inventory in great shape - often in tandem with our asset management services and almost always cost effective when compared to a dedicated commerical cleaning outfit.

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Damaged Inventory

In-house repairs means on-time installations, even when shipments don't go perfect

In a perfect world, all of your shipments arrive at our warehouse in perfect condition, ready to be staged and delivered for your office installation. In reality however, when dealing with multiple shipments from various manufacturers across the country, things happen. Perhaps a broken wheel or two slipped through Q.A. Other times, the freight company might not have been as gentle as they could have been and a couple of pieces show up in less-than-showroom condition.

Bottom line is that SingleSource has the team, tools, parts and expertise needed to make sure that minor damage or imperfections don't derail an installation project - Fixing what needs fixing to get that piece back to showroom condition and/or working with the manufacturer to provide an expedited replacement if needed. In other words, we don't let a broken wheel affect a successful project.

Commerical Furniture Installation
Office installation project management team

Furniture Restoration

Get it Working Like New

Worn drawer slides, broken wheels and everything in between - We have a dedicated team & warehouse space specifically for furniture repair. That means we have all of the tools needed to repair your piece correctly and a well-stocked parts department covering a wide variety of manufacturers to minimize any downtime.

Our on-site teams are also experts at customization and can easily be made available to help repair more permanently installed pieces as needed.

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