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Installation Services

We Provide Office Installation Services for Bay Area Furniture Showrooms

Since 2004, SingleSource has partnered with the premier Bay Area office furniture showrooms to take the vision from the showroom and implement it on site.

We have teams of professional installers, backed by the organizational expertise of dedicated project managers to ensure flawless execution. Our teams are flexible, experts at customization and we have the ability to pull electrical permits as a fully-licensed California Specialty Contractor.

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Why SingleSource?

Electrical. Customization. Flexibility.

We love when all of the details have been 100% ironed out ahead of time, but a decade-and-a-half in the industry's worth of experience tells us that the best laid plans run into hiccups. Our teams are experts at addressing these hiccups professionally and efficiently finding solutions rather than letting an install get derailed. The last thing your team wants to deal with is a delay because an electrical box wasn't where it was supposed to be.

As a California Licensed Specialty Contractor, SingleSource can head these potential issues off before they arise - Pulling any necessary permits and providing the skilled expertise to get whatever electrical and other customizations are needed to produce perfectly finished results.

Need additional customization like making that stock piece sit flush? These types of details are exactly the reason you work with us.

  • CA License #850942
  • Fully Bonded & Insured
Commerical Furniture Installation
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A very small sample of the many manufacturers we work with daily

Why SingleSource?

We Know Your Products Inside and Out

The tools and experience needed to safely and efficiently install offices is something that's gained through factory training and hundreds upon hundreds of installs. Trusting you or your client's investment in a less experienced team, is not a long-term cost saving strategy.

Our experience covers the full gamut: Cubicles, modular workstations, industrial shelving, architectural glass walls and just about everything in between. We're factory trained with many of the major manufacturers and have worked with hundreds of brands.

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