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We help companies with rotating furniture inventories effectively manage those assets

Whether you've got multiple offices in transition, a capital expenditure without a home yet or you simply need the ability to quickly replace specific furniture pieces as needed (chairs, workstations, etc), SingleSource offers extremely effective furniture inventory management.

The entire process is managed digitally using a custom software platform designed to dramatically simplify the requirements and to ensure you have detailed access to what's warehoused. Paired with our 24/7 delivery service, you effectively have on-demand access so the pieces you need are where you need them, when you need them.

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The Process

How It Works

SingleSource has a proprietary software database to track all products in our warehouse. Inventories have been detailed using part numbers per the manufacturers CD or catalogs. The description of each item’s finish and condition is noted. The database can be published on the Internet for access by clients and reflects real time activity. Several database filters are available to produce pertinent lists of product by project, manufacturer, finish, and condition.

  • 1. Your product is received at SingleSource's warehouse in San Leandro
  • 2. In the case of used product, the parts are made whole if possible, i.e. attachment of top caps, kickplates or hardware.
  • 3. Each part is detailed on our inventory sheet, noting quantity, manufacturer, finish and condition. If the product is missing parts or is damaged it will become a condition 4 or 5 with a description of the problem in the comment section of our report.
  • 4. The information is entered into our computers and each item receives a number, which identifies it.
  • 5. Notifications of completed inventories are sent to the appropriate account executive and the inventory detail is sent to the customer.
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