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Warehousing & Logistics

Use our modern warehouse as a staging point or as a long-term storage solution.

Our furniture dealer clients use our warehouse as an easy solution to managing incoming shipments from multiple manufacturers. We then provide 24/7 delivery with our modern fleet of trucks, allowing all product to be received, inventoried, staged in a logical order and then delivered at the optimal time for that project's installation.

Furniture Dealers: The first 30 days of storage are on us!

Many of our clients choose to work with SingleSource for longer-term solutions as well. Our innovative, cubic-foot pricing structure means you don't pay to store air and allows us to offer extremely competitive quotes for small and large storage requirements alike.

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Long-term Solutions

Tell us about your long-term office furniture warehousing needs

As part of our furniture inventory asset management services, SingleSource is happy to provide competitive, long-term storage rates for your company's rotating inventory of office furniture. We pair that with 24/7 delivery options, meaning your inventory is at your fingertips.

Innovative, Cost-Efficient Pricing

Monthly storage costs are automatically calculated by our software and are prorated if stored less than 30 days. The software takes the measurements from the description of the product, calculates the cubic foot dimensions and multiplies by the quantity on hand. The total cubic foot number is then multiplied by the agreed upon cost per cubic foot.

Our means of charging by the cubic foot is the most cost efficient storage choice for our customers. Unlike companies that charge by the square foot, pallet or storage vault, if one small piece is removed from an inventory at SingleSource, monthly storage costs will be reduced. SingleSource customers are not penalized should we not consolidate inventories to be space efficient.

Commerical Furniture Installation

Our Warehouse

A Modern & Secure Facility

Using cement tilt-up construction, our warehouse provides safe and efficient storage for your furniture inventory. The facility is monitored 24/7 for fire with overhead sprinklers. We also use central station monitoring against theft with an arsenal of motion sensors, door sensors and extensive internal and external security cameras.

The facility offers both dock-high and drive-in receiving bays with shipments received Monday through Friday.

20-foot high pallet racks provide ample storage for single pieces of furniture to an entire building's worth of inventory.

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