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Project Management

We bring the expertise that comes from managing thousands of office installations

Congrats. Your company is in the process of installing a new office. That expansion is indicative of you being good at what you do. What we're good at is making sure office installations go smoothly.

Our team of project managers are experts at pulling all of the puzzle pieces together in one, seamless process that's been fine-tuned through the course of thousands of installations - Managing the logistics, coordinating with various dealers & manufacturers, getting the install teams in the right place at the right time and hundreds of other details you haven't thought of yet.

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Project Management

Always a Single Point of Contact for Every Job

We know the value that having a dedicated project manager provides and so do our clients. Having a single point of contact with the experience needed to ensure all of those little details get ironed out is absolutely critical to ensuring successfully executed projects.

Pre-install site visits, inbound & outbound delivery scheduling, coordinating our installation teams, ensuring accurate inventory and accurate billing - These guys become an indespensible member of your team whether you've got a single job or multiple jobs running simultaneously.

Office installation project management team
Example of email from our furniture installation team

Keeping You Updated

Email Updates With Job Schedule & Installation Team Info

It's small detail, but as a client with one or more installation projects scheduled, you can expect an automated email with all of the details of the job including location, arrival time and dedicated link to contact the lead installer for that particular job.

It's simply one of many small details our project managers oversee to give you the peace of mind that your installation is in good hands.

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